Oy vay family time is in full swing!!! It’s fun but it’s also exhausting. Hello piles of laundry, dirty dishes in my sink, and cranky kids who aren’t always getting the sleep they need 🙂 But it is fun and totally worth it. Not to mention normal life can be the exact same way so you might as well add family in to the mix and make things even crazier!

Micah and his cousin Chase. They are 9 mos apart. Then Ali and her uncle Bryan. His first time meeting her. I think it was love at first sight 😉

My little Micah man has had quite the week! Last Friday he bit through his last paci. In to the trash it went and he has been paci-less since then. He still asks about them but he’s sleeping just fine – praise the Lord! Today he has been in underwear all day!!!!!!! About 12 mos earlier than I expected 😉 But no celebration yet – we shall see if it continues… (I learned that with Rina)

My Aliyah Joy turns 1 tomorrow! Wow wow wow. Where has the time gone? She is an amazing blessing. So happy, smiles a ton, loves to be with her siblings and explore the world. She loves to eat real food and can be so goofy! She has the cutest little cheesy grin. Ali is truly a gift 🙂