In Matthew 8 there is an account of 2 demon possessed men who stumble across Jesus. These men are so violent that people can’t get near them, but Jesus sets the men free. Now, this is a Gentile town so near by are a herd of pigs. Probably those pigs are of economic importance to the town – you need to keep that in mind.
Well, the demons leave the men, go into the pigs and drive those pigs in to the water killing them all. The townspeople hear about what happened to the men and their pigs and they beg Jesus to leave their region.
Wait a minute! These two dangerous men were just set free by the grace of God! They can now enter the town and be productive members of society. Not to mention the families have these men restored to them once again. Praise the Lord!
But that’s not good enough for the townspeople. Jesus upset their economic status quo in moment and that upset them. Not to mention, if Jesus can set two dangerous men free – what else can He do that I can’t control????
God was getting too close and it scared them, so they begged Jesus to leave. Before we judge them – would we be an different??
Often you hear prayers of people begging Jesus to fill this church, that heart, that home, to come and dwell among the praises of His people… but what would we do if God really showed up? How would we react if the glory of God shone around us? Every time you see it in Scripture the first thing people do is fall flat on their faces.
I doubt we’d be any different.
The townspeople were more comfortable living with those 2 demon possessed men than they were with an up close personal encounter with God. Somethings in life may be hard, and yeah I wish they would change but hey, I’m comfortable here. I know what’s expected of me here. God, You stay where You are and I’ll stay where I am and life will just continue on the same thank You very much!!
When God comes – things change. Are you ready for that?
The Creator of the Universe longs to dwell with His people. I believe one day He will fill the places we are begging Him to fill with His Spirit. He is coming and life will never be the same. That’s not the issue. He’s God. The question is – when He comes what will our response be?
After you fall flat on your face will you beg Him to leave or will you give up all so that He stays?