This is a pic of my grandparents (my mom’s parents) with all of their great grandchildren. I have several pics of this bc we tried for a good 5 mins to get ALL the kids looking at the Same time in the Same direction. With how old some of these kids are you wouldn’t think that would be too difficult but oh my word 🙂

Well, we said our last goodbye, Lord-willing, for awhile. My sister and her family left on Tuesday to go back to Alaska. I can’t believe she was here for 6 weeks! So much happened the time flew by. Too many goodbyes. Dad Van, Bryan’s brother Jared and his family, and now my sister and her’s. Blech. I think one of the best things about eternity will be that there will be NO MORE goodbyes! Praise the Lord.

We are doing well. Grief is an interesting thing. Everyone handles things in their own way and you have to learn to let people grieve when and how they can. Even when it looks different from yours.

The kids are doing well. Ali is walking and thoroughly enjoying her new found freedom 🙂 She is just a happy little girl. Everyone seems to be healthy for which I am very thankful!