I’m just going to warn you this one may get a bit heavy 🙂

I recently heard this quote “Israel was taken out of Egypt, but Adam was not taken out of Israel.”
In other words, even though Israel was…
– redeemed from the kingdom of Egypt
– brought in to an everlasting Covenant with a holy holy holy God
– given the gracious gift of God’s Torah (what we poorly translate as “the Law”)

Israel was still doomed to fall at their end of the Covenant and God knew it.

BC within each person that made up Israel was a sinful nature bent on selfishness and self-preservation. Therefore, as you traverse the pages of the OT you will see Israel fall time and time again. You will also see God in His graciousness time and time again bring them back to repentance and even restoration. But the pattern continued.

Something more decisive, even cataclysmic was needed. A cosmic-shifting, eternality-changing circumstance. And this occurred through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

During those 3 days the Second Adam, the perfect sin-less Torah-in-flesh God/man dealt a decisive blow to the Adam that exists in every man, woman, and child. On the cross the power of sin over people was put to death. And in the resurrection of Jesus, the ability to walk in full Covenantal obedience, to live life according to the Spirit of God was put in its place.

That means, Believer, not only have you been redeemed from the kingdom of satan, but the power of satan over you has been put to death! Indeed, even your own sinful nature has been put to death. And in it’s place you have been filled with the Spirit of the Living God and He brings life out of death. So walk in His life!

Jesus had to be fully man to make the sacrifice do what it was intended to do – provide deliverance for man-kind. But He also had to be God bc only God can save. What an amazing God this is! What an amazing man He is!!! How wonderful and marvelous a God!