There is a definite blessing to being completely open about a love of chocolate. When something happens, it’s a sure-fire way people will comfort, encourage, and show their love. I have been blessed with a bit of chocolate this week. And yes, I am thoroughly enjoying it all 🙂

This past Friday Bry took me to the dr’s office due to pain and slight spotting. I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant at the time. There we learned that the pregnancy was ectopic and a few hours later I was having surgery.

Honestly, the attention is nice but I would much rather be fine and pregnant at this moment, and therefore, have no need for the attention.

Yet, I have been reminded of several truths through this whole thing

#1 Pain is a necessary evil in this world. I hate being in pain and I will do almost anything to not have pain of any kind, emotional or physical. But last Friday it was the pain that caused me to go to the dr’s office and it was the pain that gave my Dr. concern. The ectopic pregnancy was caught before the tube ruptured and something worse occurred. I am very thankful for that and therefore, for the pain as well.

#2 Family, friends, and the body of Christ are amazing and absolutely necessary to keep us going sometimes (partly due to #1). We/I have been incredibly blessed by all the concern, love, support, prayers, food, help… from not only family members but friends as well. The body of Christ is an amazing gift of God on this earth and I can’t fathom how many make it through life without this Community.

#3 Many had it much harder. When I was first pregnant with Rina I prayed that if something was going to occur in a pregnancy that ended things let it happen right away. I can’t fathom the pain of those who lose the baby even farther down the road, this was hard enough.

#4 God is so faithful. Not sure what else to say with this one. He just was and is.

#5 God is still worthy of worship no matter what. And that gives me such comfort. No matter how I feel, no matter what I go through, no matter I think. He is the Rock on which I stand. He is immovable and uncontrollable. There is something very secure in knowing God is God regardless of anything else. And that He doesn’t change regardless of what else does. I have a firm place to stand.

I could probably go on with that last one but I think you get the picture. It’s been a hard reminder that life is not about me or making me happy and comfortable but it’s all about God and if He can use it to bring Himself glory, He may just do it. He’s God He has that right.