I was looking through old photos today and these two made me smile. Truthfully many of my Israel pics make me smile so that’s really not saying much. 🙂 I was trying to be a column and Bry was “using” the bathroom in the Nimrod Fortress. Yep, those are earrings… sigh the days before kids 😉

But this has absolutely nothing to do with the blog today so the pics are just added bonus.

I recently heard of 2 mega churches who removed Biblestudies from their church bc, as I understand it, the head pastors considered their people as having too much head knowledge and were too full of the Bible and needed to go out and live the Bible.

Humbly and respectfully I would like to strongly disagree and challenge their thinking. I would not say we live in a culture that has too much knowledge about the Bible but too little (as individuals go).

God has decreed that His Word will not return void but will do the work that He sent it to do. Therefore, if you are not seeing a change in yourself or in your congregation it isn’t bc there is too much knowledge of the Word of God and aren’t applying it. It’s probably bc, really, we understand and know too little.

We live in a time that is flooded with more knowledge about the words of the Bible, the culture of the Bible, the history surrounding the Bible, and even the geography of the Bible than ever before! We also live in an age where people have time to spend hours in study of the Word of God.

Yet, if you talk to Christian colleges you will find that each new generation of students that walk through their doors know less and less about the Bible.


Bc we spend more time daily on fb than we do on study. (that would be me). Bc we spend more time working out then studying. Bc we spend more time watching tv and movies, playing our video games, reading our novels (right there again), shopping, eating… whatever.

Our days are filled with temporary things while studying the Word of God – that has become relegated to less than 10 mins a day IF I have time.

It’s time to stem the tide. We can be different and, by the grace of God we can make a difference! Stand up, draw a line in the sand, declare that you will make the Word of God a priority regardless of our culture!

This is the eternal Word of God and therefore, I believe, that what you do with this book will be carried into eternity. This Book will change you. This Book will challenge you. Get in to this Book, dive deep in its pages. You will never regret it.