Heb 2:3 And He (God)… upholds all things by the word of His power.

I recently heard this thought “If God’s actions were not always consistent with His character than the universe would crumble bc the One upholding it would cease to exist. God would no longer be God.”

There is A LOT to that statement 🙂 but I want to focus on just one aspect of it. The truth that at this very moment this universe is existing bc God is willing it to exist. He is causing it to exist; He is sustaining it. And if for one moment He stopped sustaining this universe would cease to exist, and therefore, us with it.

My dad has often said that he couldn’t take another breath or make his heart beat another beat if God didn’t make it happen. Well, the same is true of the earth rotating around the sun and even spinning on its axis. Of every single planet, star, and galaxy out there. If God did not will it to continue it would cease to exist.

So, let me ask you – has there very been a time since the creation of the world when the universe has ended? Has God failed in His duties once? Has He ever forgotten His job? Has He ever been late or found to be sleeping or had to say ‘whoops I let things get out of control there for a second!’?

Has God been faithful since time began to keep this world spinning? Literally – yes! Has there ever been a moment when God has not been actively involved in His creation? No! Otherwise we would not be here.

And if God is that faithful to the universe, the planets, the stars, the sun… will He not be just as faithful to you, His child? Has there ever been a moment when you were out of His sight? Has there ever been an instant when He was not actively involved in your life rearranging, shaping, crafting, and molding you? Has He let go of you for even a second?

No, bc if He did you would not be here.

This amazing God who upholds the universe by the word of His power is our Covenant-partner! And as faithful as He has been and will continue to be to His creation, He will be just as faithful to us. Even though we are usually faith-less. May we learn to trust this God and His faithfulness over our own doubts, fears, and emotions.