The darkest nights hold the brightest mornings.

It was a dark night when Adam and Eve chose to sin in the garden. Yet, the mercy and grace of God that was revealed in that moment is amazing.

It was a dark night when God flooded the earth killing people, plants, animals, allowing chaos to reign and tear His creation apart. Yet, out of the ark walked a family and animals who would begin again.

It was a dark night when the Temple in Israel was destroyed and God’s people exiled far from their homes and the land God had given to them. Yet, God went with His people in to exile, provided for them, protected them, and then brought them back. What a morning that must have been.

The darkest night of all – when Jesus prayed in the garden “not My will, Father, but Your will be done.” Oh how sin and death must have exploded over the earth. We have won! We have killed the Son of our Enemy! One again the chaos that reigned, the darkness that fell, the death and destruction that came.

Only to be fully vanquished in the morning light when God the Father looked down and raised His Son from the dead.

In one sense we too are living in a very dark night. Sin an death, although conquered, are still very powerful on this planet. Our enemy still walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

But there is a morning coming! The brightest morning that will end every night. God the Father will say It Is Time! Satan and his demons will be cast in to their eternal punishment. The earth will be renewed and remade. The universe rebuilt. Heaven will come to earth, and God will dwell with His people once again! Only this time never to leave. It is only a matter of time

We are a people of two worlds, living in the tension of both. But hold on and be encouraged. That bright and eternal morning is coming! We know this to be true bc Jesus was raised from the dead. How great is our God!