There is a great song out there which has the chorus “Take me, mold me, use me fill me. I give my life to the Potter’s Hand.”

Those are potentially dangerous words to sing.

Recently I was re-acquainted with an old friend from Moody through her blog. I didn’t read the whole blog, but the part I did read revealed that within the last year or so she has been through the stillbirth of a little boy (they named him Charlie), two miscarriages, and recently they found out their house was filled with black mold. This meant the family had to evacuate it immediately and leave everything behind. My friend, her husband, and their 3 living kids. Not surprisingly they’re coming to the conclusion that the black mold has also been making my friend very sick.

She wrote that had she known what this past year was going to be like there is no way she would have agreed to it, but partly bc of it all she has a relationship with the Lord that I can’t even begin to fathom. Her life truly is being molded by the Potter’s Hand. It has been painful but God is producing in her a faith, a trust, and a love for Him that is far greater than gold.

Now, I’m not saying that giving yourself up to the Potter’s hand is always going to produce terrible situations that break your heart. God is a good God, and I truly believe that He shares in our pain and hurts with us. However, by giving yourself up to the Potter’s hand you are acknowledging that He is the Master and can do with you whatever He wants.

Even it means breaking your heart.

Are you reading to give God that kind of control? I’m not sure am.

As we stand and sing in our Churches, as we kneel and we pray may we be aware that we are in the presence of God and He is listening to what we say. And God, may I ask You that you take Your Church at our words and if we sing “mold me, use me” may you do it. That Your glory may truly one day cover the earth.