Normally I try to make my blog encouraging our challenging bc it’s what I need. I don’t like to watch the news bc I feel like there’s enough of a struggle in my own day to day life, I don’t need to know what everyone else is struggling with as well.

However… there are times when it’s good to become aware of what’s happening outside my own little life. Hence, this week we are having a different type of blog.

Recently I went to a conference and there I was astonished by what I learned in some hard ways. Believing that I may not be the only one who needs a little eye-opening this particular blog might just put some questions in your brain…

Did you know there was a “law” signed by the UN that was written to try to protect children’s rights? It establishes “civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights [for] them.” That sounds great on the whole but when it gets implemented who actually gets to decide what is best for the child? Not the parents. The government gets to decide and in case you don’t believe me see what happens around the world when this law gets enacted. Every other nation out there has ratified it BUT the US. They’ve been fighting for years to get rid of it but it keeps coming back and the fight is far from over. A great website to check out and understand the situation for yourself is

Have you heard about the Common Core recently? Have you wondered about its purpose? I can already see the eye rolls and hear the thoughts – oh brother. Let me just challenge you on this one – have you even looked in to it? Do you know anything about it? If not a great place to start is  She’s a mom who’s just trying to understand the times in which she lives. She also happens to be incredibly smart and persistent and she has spoken on this topic both on radio and in Lansing.

What effect does television have on your brain if any? Is there any research out there documenting its effect on us? Oh goodness is there ever!!!! Feel free to research it yourself but in case you don’t want to take the time this young man has done it for you – Scott Ritsema with Media On The Brain It is a six part series where this guy walks you through what all the research is saying. (and yes I thoroughly enjoy tv and movies so I’m definitely not anti television!)
Did you know France banned television programs that are aimed at children under the age of 3? Did you know that 1 hour of theatrical style television reduces your life span by 22 mins? (fyi cigarettes only reduce it by 11 mins). Why have people actually died from from video game usage (yes this really occurs)? Why is it that music can move us to tears or take us into God’s presence faster than anything else?

Bryan and I have watched all 6 videos and we were blown away by it. Truthfully, we were blown away by everything I listed here. It’s time, believers, for us to stand up and truly be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.