What happens in Scripture when people see God?

– Isaiah realized his own utter sinfulness and the sinfulness of the people in which he lived when compared to the holiness of God and he cried out ‘woe is me!’ In other words ‘cursed am I!’
– When Daniel saw visions of the future, which included seeing an image for God, he was sick and troubled for days. So overwhelmed by what he saw and unable to comprehend it.
– Ezekiel and John the Beloved both fell down as though dead.

I don’t think it was a trite thing for any of these men to see God. And yet we treat is so cavalierly. We sing happy songs about it, we pray and ask God “let me just see You!” not realizing at all what we are truly asking. It’s king of like a child wanting to fly an airplane full of passengers just for fun. The child cannot even begin to comprehend what gravity is, what the force of winds can do, what an engine means, or even the weight of responsibility for the lives of all those people now in his tiny hands.

When you are asking to see God you are asking for what is truly beyond our ability to understand.
You are asking to see the King of kings, the Great I AM, the One who is and was and is to come.
You are asking to see power, strength, and life itself.
You are asking to see the One before whom the universe trembles and the earth is merely a footstool. You are asking to see the One before whom the nations fall, and the One who gave the very stars their names.
You are asking to see Something that is totally other than you. He is not a man. He was not created. He is not finite.

He is God.

Is it wrong to want to see God – no! Continue to ask, continue to desire it. Continue to pray for it but be warned you will be changed. The Holy always purifies what it touches and that can be painful.

May the Holy Spirit move in our hearts so strongly that we are on our knees begging daily to see the Holy One of Israel. And may the Lord in His grace and mercy prepare our hearts, minds, and lives to enter in to the presence of our Father in heaven. Who bc of the blood of Jesus is now in Covenant with us.