Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you spent as much time studying the Bible as you did watching television?
Or, what if you spent as much time praying as you spent on facebook?
How much better would you know God if for every hour you spent on your favorite hobby you spent an hour listening to a sermon, studying a passage of Scripture, on your knees praying, or a mixture of all of the above?
What if we made knowing God as much of a priority as we do knowing about our favorite television and movie characters?

I wonder what we’d be like.

We beg God to move. We ask Him to come in our midst and be pleased by our worship on a Sunday morning as we sit in a building surrounded by other believers. I can’t help but wonder if, sometimes God isn’t ready to come on Sunday bc we’re not ready to invite Him in to our homes Mon through sat. What if we treated every morning like a Sunday morning? I’m going to spend time in the presence of God today and I need to prepare my heart.
What if we talked to our coworkers or school friends the same way we talked to our neighbor in the pew?
What if we turned our thoughts to God in the midst of a stressful day at the office or even sang a quiet song of worship when we were struggling at home?
What if we lived every moment of our life knowing we were living in the presence of a holy God?

I wonder what we’d live like.

I wonder what would happen to this nation and this world if more Christians took seriously the idea that they will one day stand before God and give an account for every single word they say – gossiping included.
I wonder what would happen if Christians were as passionate to see God’s kingdom come as they were to watch the Super bowl?
I wonder what would happen if we stopped looking at our neighbor and started looking at ourselves? Saying ‘where’s the sin in my life that I’m ignoring? Where are the placed in my heart that I’m stopping God from changing?’ And then we rose up to challenge our brother and sister to walk in holiness with us.

I wonder what this world and our nation would begin to look like?

By the grace of God may we see this come true of us. May we turn off our electronics and open our Bibles. May we shut our eyes to the lusts of this world and begin to pray. May we remember the One before whom we live and may that cause us to live differently. And may we take many people with us.