What if we really believed we had been saved and brought from death to life?
What if we believed that at one point in time we really had been in desperate need and hopelessly broken and dying, and someone reached down, cleaned us up, and took us home and loved us?
What if we really believed there was an incredibly amazing God who created us and longed to be with us, know us, and use us?
What if we really believed that we were forgiven, redeemed and cleansed?
What if we were so certain of the Love our Father had lavished on us that we didn’t think twice about the person sitting in the pew (or chair) next to us?

How would we worship if we saw God’s face just once and was able to see the love in His eyes for His children?
How would we rejoice if we really believed that God’s opinion was the only one that mattered, and He was sitting in the front row at your church?
How excited would you be to come to meet with the body on a Sunday morning if you actually believed you were going to personally meet with the Living God?

How the Church would rejoice if she could see the multitude of witnesses around her cheering her on! How we would dance and sing with abandon, delighting ourselves only in God, being willing to look foolish for the sake of One who gave it all. What joy could there be in our churches on a Sunday morning, what delight, what contentment and excitement, what a taste of eternity, if we could just once grasp what we were singing and what we say we believe!

“Oh God, teach us to delight ourselves in you! Teach us to rejoice, to know what it means to dance like David danced, to weep with abandonment over our sins, to laugh with pure joy bc we have been forgiven and cleansed, to sing as if You truly did mean the world to us! Give us hearts of gratitude and hearts of joy that we have entered into Covenant with You and are now Your sons and daughters. Give us a taste of eternity that we may long for more and never be satisfied with less than You. Oh God, teach Your people to rejoice!”