One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday night after the kids are in bed, especially if Bryan is busy studying, is go to the computer, get on youtube, and find old songs that (bc of my parents) I grew up hearing.

Let me give you a few examples (and see if you can name any of them – or who sings them)
– “I’ve just seen Jesus and all I’ve ever done before won’t matter any more. I’ve just seen Jesus and I’ll never be the same again!”
– “It is finished! The battle is over. It is finished, there’ll be no more wars. It is finished. The end of the conflict. It is finished and Jesus is Lord!”
– “He’s alive! He’s alive and I’m forgiven. Heaven’s gates are open wide! He’s alive!”

And I just sit and listen bc sometimes I need to be reminded that no matter how things look, no matter how I feel, no matter how dark and frustrating life seems everything is not only GOING to be ok, but everything IS ok. God is on the throne. I have been redeemed by this amazing God who’s on His throne. And I am now His responsibility. And not only that – we are now in Covenant and I will never be the same again, heaven’s gates have been opened wide bc it is finished and Jesus is Lord! Amen!

And there are Sat nights where I wish I could sing really well and belt my heart out and bring these amazing songs to people and encourage them as I have been encouraged. But, alas, no. So instead, here I sit typing up the words for you all…

Believer, you have so many reasons to rejoice even in the darkest of moments.
– You have a hope that can never be shaken
– You have a faith that is being refined as the purest of gold
– You have a Rock on which to stand
– You have an amazing God who is in covenant with you and has pledged Himself to seeing you through to the end. He can’t let you go even if He wanted to and believe me, He doesn’t.
– You have a peace that passes understanding

You have been blessed with so much Church! May you see it and live it bc there’s a world out there that’s desperate and dying for what you’ve been given.