What do you do when God doesn’t make sense? When what you’ve learned doesn’t seem to line up with what you see? Or what if you don’t even like what you’re reading in the Bible bc it doesn’t seem fair or just? What do you do when it feels like you can’t trust the God who made you?

The Bible is full of paradoxes. It’s in losing your life that you find it. It’s in becoming a slave to the one true God that you are finally free. And what appeared to be Jesus’ biggest lost was actually His greatest victory and opened the door to the resurrection for all of us.

The Bible is full of paradoxes, and so I think is God. As a parent I would do almost anything to keep my children from experiencing certain types of pain, and yet God who loves more than we can fathom allows His children to go through tremendous pain and suffering sometimes. That doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t always feel right or good.

Yet this is our God. The God who’s Name is a strong and mighty tower, the righteous run in to it and are saved. The God who loves us more than we can imagine and yet allows our hearts to break in ways we can’t comprehend. He does not make sense. His plan does not make sense. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to.

God does not have to explain a single thing to us. I never have to understand His plan. I never even have to like His plan. I just need to trust and obey. He’s God, I’m not. Sometimes that just has to be enough.

I’m not responsible to answer all the questions, or understand why everything happens or did happen. I’m only responsible for what God has called me to do today. And today, I’m suppose to worship, obey, and trust. Even when God doesn’t make sense and I don’t like what He’s done or doing.

You may have honest questions for God. Things you have read, seen, or experienced that you don’t like or understand. But this morning can you put that aside and acknowledge He’s God you’re not. And right now what this God is asking you to do is worship Him. Bc whether God makes sense or not, He is worthy of all blessing, honor, glory, and power. He is holy. His plan is perfect. He is just, right, and good. And there is a chorus of believers right now praising His Name. Can you join with them in the worship of the One True God?