We are human beings and the truth is we tend to turn everything into – it’s all about me. The Bible is no exception, neither is the cross of Jesus. There is a good worship song out there that has this line describing Jesus “You took the fall and thought of me above all.” I’m not sure that’s true.

There’s a reality where the cross is about our salvation, but the truth is it’s also about so much more.

God wasn’t just saving one sinner on the cross.
God was putting to death the power of sin itself.
God was showing His faithfulness to His Covenant and to His Covenant people.
God was making right what first went wrong in the garden thousands of years before.
God was tearing down a dividing wall between Himself and His people and between His people and the nations.
God was reconciling a world and redeeming a universe.

God’s plan is so much bigger than just us!

Praise God our salvation is a part of His plan. Believe me, I am so thankful my salvation, the salvation of my children and my family are all a part of His plan. But His plan is not just about me.

His plan is not just to save sinners.
His plan is to restore what was lost, redeem what was stolen and heal what was broken.
His plan is cosmic-focused not man-focused.
Ultimately His plan is to make for Himself a kingdom on earth where He is glorified throughout all eternity by ALL of His creation.
His plan is to show Himself as Lord, King, and God.

So when Jesus was on the cross, I’m not sure I was the first thing on His mind. Maybe it was His Father and His Father’s plan that was first and foremost on His mind.

And praise God it didn’t end there. The resurrection is the crowning achievement. Good Friday is always followed by Resurrection Sunday!

Believer, may we be honest enough to admit our need for salvation but may we also be humble enough to acknowledge our place in God’s plan. Even the cross of Jesus isn’t about us, it’s all about God.