Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. (PS 119:105)

How well do we know the Bible?

The Church today is more divided than ever over issues that should not be divisive, and I am convinced it is bc we do not know the Word of God. Oh, we think we do. We have it on our phones, have numerous versions on our shelves, we sit in chairs every Sunday to hear it discussed, most of us have even read through the book at least once. We’re even involved in Bible studies so obviously we know the Bible.

Really? How well do we know the Bible as a Church today?

We have Christians on every side of every issue including homosexuality, abortion, the nation of Israel and any other issue you can come up with big or little.

We think we know the Bible so well and we are so wrong. The saints of old and the Jewish people during the days of Jesus would laugh in our faces with how little we know our beloved Scriptures. I once heard a well-meaning believer say “I don’t really need to memorize the Bible bc I have Jesus in my heart. Jesus is the Word made flesh, so obviously He is the Word that’s hidden in my heart.”

I’m sorry what?!

How far have we fallen oh Church? How little do we know of the Scriptures we claim to hold so dear? If every Bible was taken and burned how much of it could you rewrite? I’m not even talking word for word, I’m talking simple thoughts or phrases, even ideas.

How well do you know the Bible?

Oh Lord God have mercy on Your Church! Teach us to love Your Word and to dive deep into its pages. Help us to turn off facebook, the tv, our phones, and open Your Word. Let us not be content with what we hear on a Sunday morning but let us hunger for more! Let our Bibles be filled with our fingerprints as we dirty its pages bc we are reading it so much. Have mercy on Your Church. Teach us to love Your Word again – that we may truly be a united people, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, under the banner of Jesus the Son, for the glory of God the Father.