“The people have a right to know!” That has become and American motto. The problem is no one’s asking the question “why do people NEED to know?” (not to mention the obvious why is it my right to know?)

This morning while wasting time on FB I came across an article/blog that was denouncing a decision a mega church had made involving one of their members. As I understand it, the author of the article neither was a member of the church nor personally knew the people involved. And that blog led to a firestorm of comments as to who was right, the member or the church?
We no longer are asking the question – why is this any of my business? And if it’s not, why do I feel the need to share my opinion?
Facebook, blogs, tv news, magazines… are all filled with information, or “news” as we call it. Every moment of our lives could be filled with learning something about someone. But what are we really learning about, is it important? Is it making a difference in the way we live? Is it affecting us? Can I do anything about the information I’m learning? Is it really something I NEED to know?
Why do I need to know that another church out there did something that a fellow believer disagrees with? Why is this anyone’s business but the people who are directly involved? Is this building up the kingdom? Is this uniting an already fractured church? Is this helping me keep my thoughts on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable? Is this honoring to God? 
Or maybe it’s just gossip. I’m not involved, it doesn’t affect me, and all I’m doing is talking about someone else and making a judgment call on his heart.
Now, I wholeheartedly agree with acknowledging false teachers and false teaching. I also believe it is important to acknowledge sin. I am not talking about an obvious this is wrong (i.e this church teaches it’s ok to beat children), “this is sin.” The church in question was enacting church discipline as best as they saw fit. Why is this news? 
Why do I NEED to know this? And why do we feel the need to give an opinion about it?   
We already have a media that jumps on every story about christians who screw up. Why are we adding to the noise? 
There are two sides to every story. And since 9 times out of 10 we will never get both sides, maybe we need to be a little less quick to form an opinion, or at least share it. And maybe just maybe we need to start asking “do I need to know this?” and if so “why?” Bc maybe I don’t, and maybe it’s none of my business.
Maybe it’s just gossip.