What do you do when God is silent when you need Him the most?

If you have walked this path with Jesus long enough, you could probably admit there are times when you feel like God is absent and completely ignorant of what is happening here. You pray and raise your hands to the heavens just to feel the words bounce off the ceiling and your arms fall back to earth.

Where is my God? Why isn’t He here? Life doesn’t make sense! I feel ignored, unknown, and utterly alone. Where is my God?

Oh, beloved, I have learned He is still right there, carrying you, holding you, weeping with you, and feeling your pain as if it were His very own. He has not left you. He cannot. He is covenant with you and He must hang on even if you let go.

You have a God in heaven who before time began knew you by name and claimed you as His own. You have a God who formed you in your mother’s womb, who numbered your days and knows the very hairs of your head.

You have an advocate on your behalf who is constantly before the throne reminding His Father (as if His Father needed reminding) – ‘look at My scars. See the price I paid. This one is mine and I am not letting this one go. I paid too high a price.’
You have a High Priest who understands your weaknesses and who can enter the most Holy place in the heavenly Temple itself on your behalf.

You have a Holy Spirit residing within you, calling you, sealing you, reminding you of who’s you are. You have a Spirit who is working inside of you making you new, conforming you to the image of Jesus even in the midst of the pain, the darkness, and emptiness.

You are not alone if you are in Covenant with the God of the universe. You don’t need to feel it for it to be true. You don’t need to always believe it for it to be a reality. Truth doesn’t change based on your feelings or your belief.

The truth is God is faithful. He keeps His Word, and His Word has declared that He will win and He will be glorified and you, if you are in Covenant with God the Father through Jesus the Son, will join in His victory. And one day the world will see you standing there justified and vindicated bc your God is faithful.

Rejoice, believer, in the faithfulness of your God. Your hope is built on nothing less than a faithful God and therefore, you have every reason to rejoice no matter what the storm, no matter what the season or the problem. God is faithful to the very end. Praise His Name.