Most Sunday mornings when I take communion I have a very hard time. All I can do is sit there and think about all the failures of the past week. All the ways in which I am not worthy of eating at the Lord’s table.
– I blew it with my kids.
– I got irritated with my husband.
– I was selfish, judgmental…
the list goes on and one.

And I honestly wonder almost every single mos – what right do I have to even eat and drink with God?

But one day the Lord graciously showed me – it’s not about me!

There is a pride that says ‘I can make myself worthy to come to this table.’ But did you know, there is also a pride in saying ‘well, I am too much of a sinner to come to the table. I failed too horribly, sinned too greatly! I just can’t make it this Sunday.’

Believer, there is nothing you can do to make yourself worthy. But, once God has decreed you are worthy and invited you to His table, there is nothing you can do to make yourself NOT worthy of coming to the table.

Bc it’s not about you.

It’s not about what you have done or haven’t done. Did you blow it already this week? (so did I by the way) Guess what, God has invited us as His children to eat at His table knowing we wouldn’t be perfect – that’s why you have a sacrifice on your behalf.

It’s not about what we’ve done or haven’t done. It’s all about God and what He has done. And He has declared those who are in Covenant with Him through Jesus ARE worthy to eat and drink at His table. Who are you to disagree with God?

Believer, may we learn to come humbly and joyfully to the Lord’s table. May we come freely with boldness knowing we have been invited and God doesn’t cancel His invitations. May we come mindful of what God has done, not focusing on what we have or have not done. May the Lord’s table be used to remind us it’s not about us.

But that it’s all about God.

Including Communion.