Let’s talk about holiness. The Bible says to be holy like God is holy. For a lot of Christians that sounds incredibly difficult. We picture God up there in heaven, surrounded by perfection, unmoved by anything that happens here on earth. And some of us sigh and even maybe think, “God is perfect and I’ll never be. He’s holding this impossible standard over my head to remind me what a terrible sinner I am.”

But what IF He isn’t?

Yes, God is perfect and yes He is up in heaven. But what if our idea of holiness is all wrong? What if the primary characteristic of holiness (it’s main definition) is NOT perfection but instead, being separate, unique, different than everyone else.

Remember He is God and He is God ALONE. There is no one like Him. He is holy. Yes, He is perfect, but He is also unique, distinct, different, and separate from anything or anyone else in His creation.

So what if, when God commanded us to be holy His intention was not that we would be perfect (He knew that would be impossible and why then go to the trouble of sacrifices as a way to restore the broken relationship). But instead, what if His intention was that we would be separate like He is?Distinct and different from those around us.

We are to dress different – modestly for one thing. We are to talk different. Our words are to be seasoned with wisdom, love, and truth. We are to act different. There’s a standard we are called to live by that the rest of the world ignores. They can, we shouldn’t. We are to live different. My life is not my own. I may want to spend my time watching movies, reading fun books, sitting on FB but God has called me to spend time in prayer for those around me, to spend time in His Word getting to know Him, to serve others, to be kind…

What if when God calls us to be holy He means we are to stand out like a sore thumb? Whether in the work place, grocery store, or school.

What if holiness isn’t mainly about us being perfect, but instead being different than those around us? Can we do that? Can we live differently?

Believer, may we truly be holy. May we stand out in a crowd. Not only by our dress, our words, and our attitudes. But also by the overwhelming presence of the living God who is living inside us.

May we be holy as God is holy.