We would like to announce the birth of Natanyah (Na-tonya) Grace VanHaitsma on Tues Aug 18.

I am once again overwhelmed and amazed at the goodness and grace of my God. He answered every single prayer… just not usually in ways I expected 🙂 
Natanyah is the feminine form of the name Nathan/Nathaniel. In Hebrew it means ‘given of God’ or less technical – gift of God. And she is definitely our gracious gift from God. And to make it easier on everyone we are calling her Nat or Natty. Just don’t let Rina hear or she will correct you 🙂
Last week my dr. and I talked and decided not to wait too long to get the baby out. Everyone was healthy, everything looked good, why wait too long and ask for potential issues. We didn’t want to lose another one. 
I was suppose to be induced Thursday but my OB acknowledged that if he was at all concerned, he’d pull the plug and induce me earlier. I was SURE I was going in on Thursday so didn’t even consider the possibility. 
On Monday they did an ultrasound and found my fluid had dropped a bit too far. 5 is the cut off point for my dr. and I was a 6. Tuesday morning it was.
Yep, I freaked out. Both my parents and my mother-in-law were out of town but I have an amazing church and group of friends who stepped up and took care of everything. (The Church has seriously been one of the biggest blessings to my family these past few years. It is not perfect but it is honestly a gift from God.)
At 7:38 he broke my water and at 8:17 she was out! Praise the Lord. No one expected it to go that fast – least of all me! 30 mins of hard labor and one push. And no one was completely ready 🙂 Almost, but not quite. Bryan had to call my nurse back in the room, who had to call the dr. back in the room. They were rushing in while her little head was coming out… 
7 lbs 6 ozs and 22 ins long. She is perfect. And definitely very loved by her older siblings 🙂
We are so thankful for this new season of LIFE we are entering in to. More than once I have sat holding Natty and thanking the Lord for this.
No matter what He is worthy of praise and honor, but I am very thankful He saw fit to answer our prayers this way. What a good God He is.