A Letter To My Daughters and All Little Girls

My Dear Daughters,

You are so precious to me. I look at you and I am amazed and scared. I know what it’s like to grow up as a girl. I know the pressures, the struggles, the temptations you will face. I know the lies this world will throw at you and the truths you will find hard to believe.

This world will tell you that unless you are told by ‘them’ you are beautiful, that you are ugly.
This world will try to convince you that unless you are told by ‘it’ you are lovely, that you are instead unlovable.
This world will let you know that unless you find worth in ‘their’ eyes, that you are worthless.
This world will try to convince you that your importance and value will come from them and them alone.

May God grant you wisdom to know the truth and the grace to believe it.

The whole world could proclaim you as ugly, worthless, and unloveable and it would not matter.
Guy after guy could walk by and not see the treasure that you are and it wouldn’t change a thing.

You are beautiful bc you were made by a great God who doesn’t make mistakes. He handpicked the color of your hair, the smile you would wear, and the size of your nose. He carefully constructed your personality, strengths and weaknesses. He delighted in weaving you together while you were still in the womb. You are His beloved and there is nothing and no one that can change that.

God has decreed you are beautiful – therefore, you are.
God has decreed you are lovely – therefore, you are.
God has decreed you have worth – therefore, you do.
God has decreed that you are so important to Him that He knows your name. It is written on the palm of His hand. May His Name be written on your heart.
God has decreed that you have value – therefore, you are valuable.
God has decreed that you are His daughters and nothing can change that.

I pray for you, my daughters, that you realize those longings of your heart: the need to hear you are beautiful, to know you are worthwhile, that you matter to someone – these longings come not bc you need to hear these things from a man. But bc you have been created by a God who longs to be in relationship with you and He has placed a God-size need inside of you. So that you will run to Him.

No man can make you feel beautiful forever. No man can give you worth or value. No man can let you know every moment of every day that you are important.

I pray God grants you a godly husband, but even if He doesn’t, may you know the truth – the Lord of the Universe created you intentionally, loves you specifically, and is able to save you completely.