One of the books we are reading for school is filled with stories of different missionaries. Many of the stories are amazing and show God’s miraculous intervention on behalf of His people. They are truly encouraging.

Other stories, though, show God’s grace as He carried His people through difficult circumstances.

The story we read this morning was about a family (parents with 5 kids) in Guatemala. One night they were awoken by pounding on their door and gunshots. After being whisked outside the guerrillas yelled at and promptly shot the dad and then left. The mom is now remarried and the family lives in NC and still speak of God’s grace during that time.

I love my comfortable life. I am content to have a warm bed to sleep in, good food to eat, the ability to just sit and read to or play with my kids. I am thankful my biggest struggle each day is how to care for everyone AND keep the house clean. I love knowing my kids are warm, safe, full-bellied and carefree.

And as I read this morning I was struck by how much I don’t want any of this to change. At one point I wanted to be the missionary on the front-lines. The one taking the hard road for the kingdom, maybe even risking my life to see others come to Jesus. Then I got married and had kids.

My how things change.

Part of me was really wanting to pray and ask God to keep things just like this. Don’t let any bombings happen here. Don’t let ISIS in here, Lord! Let my life stay the way it always has. I’m comfortable. I’m content. Life is good and I’m ok with this!

But when I finally did pray what came out surprised me. “Please, Lord, don’t let me fail. No matter what You ask of my family, myself, my kids, may we all stand strong. Let us see Your kingdom come and Your will be done. Let us walk faithfully with You. Standing strong in the midst of every trial. Go with us, hold unto us. Keep us strong and keep us faithful. Please, Lord, don’t let us fail.”

I don’t know what God has in store. But I am thankful that today He has given me the grace to pray for His will to be done tomorrow. Maybe that’s where it begins.