When I was younger I wanted to be a missionary overseas. I wanted to travel the world teaching the Bible and doing incredible things for God. I didn’t want to be “just a mom.” I wanted to be this amazing Christian who saw God do miraculous things in and through my life.

Obviously God had other plans 🙂

Honestly, there are times I still get incredibly discouraged.
I wanted to preach to the nations for God! But instead, I find myself preaching to my children.
I wanted to spend hours in study of the Scriptures, but instead, I find myself reading the same Bible stories over and over to my 5 year old.
I wanted to open up the beauty, depth, and intricacies of the Bible to the Church, but instead, I find myself singing “Jesus loves me” with my 3 year old.

In our culture today we have a tendency to idolize certain groups of people. And sometimes for good reasons. The pastors and churches we assume are doing things right are those that are the biggest. The people that are the most faithful to God must be those who have given up everything to follow God’s call and live overseas in deepest darkest Peru. Obviously these people are more faithful to God than I!

No, I’m not saying every big church is wrong or missionaries are bad. I think missions are incredibly important and missionaries need much prayer and encouragement.

BUT, what if that’s not what God has called me to? What if faithfulness for me ISN’T going over seas or preaching to the multitudes?

What if being faithful to God can also mean loving my husband, teaching my children day after day, and being a witness at the grocery store? What if the amazing things God wants to do in my life do not mean battling witch doctors but sometimes, battling boredom as I continue faithfully to do the same things day after day after day. What if consistency in the little things, perseverance in the low-key, and faithfulness in the ‘humdrum” routine is what God has called me to?

What if the life of faithfulness for me means being “just a mom”?

Be encouraged, believer, you may not be in the spotlight. The multitudes may never know your name. But if you are being obedient to your Father in heaven then one day you will hear the Lord of the Universe say “Well done, good and faithful servant!” and that will be amazing.