I think it’s time we begin to realign our view of God to fit with what the Bible says.

Instead of viewing God as an angry deity who needs blood to satisfy himself, lets see Him as a God who did everything possible to bring about reconciliation between us and Him. God was in Jesus reconciling the world to Himself. He did what was necessary, what we couldn’t do. Think of the picture of the father in the parable of the prodigal. The father ran to meet the son.

The father brought about reconciliation.

Instead of a God who’s just waiting for us to screw up so He can punish us, let’s view Him as a Father who patiently picks us up every time we fall down. We don’t have to try to earn God’s favor, He has already placed His favor on us. What did the angels say at the birth of Jesus – “Peace among men on whom His favor rests.”

For those who are in Jesus – His favor rests on you.

Instead of viewing God as distant, cold, and cruel, let’s see Him as a God who so desires to be in relationship with us and to bless us He gave us His Torah (what we poorly translate Law). And His Torah is to teach us how to live and to give us instructions about how to walk out life in a relationship with Him.

He has blessed us hugely!

Instead of seeing God as a judge who’s waiting to bring down the hammer and pronounce us guilty, let’s see God as our judge meaning our advocate. He’s on our side fighting on our behalf!

He loves you!

Instead of waiting with baited breath to see if God is going to smite us, remember the Covenant we are in with Him. He has invited us to His table. You are now a member of His family, able to eat and drink freely in His presence. He cannot raise His hand against you.

You are His covenant partner and He does not break covenant.

Believer, may we live out this truth – we are beloved sons and daughters in the presence of our heavenly Father. May we live with joy realizing this amazing gift that has been given to us! We are in Covenant with an incredible God who loves us deeply.
May we enter His presence humbly for He is our God, Lord, and King.
May we enter His presence boldly for He is OUR God and Father.