Being a mother has brought out so many struggles in my life that I had no clue where there! But one of the biggest is guilt. Mom guilt is so cliched but it is so true. I could feel guilt over a hundred different things every single day and there are times the guilt is almost overwhelming and I feel like I have no business being a parent.

I am so thankful that in those moments God reminds me that “even being a mother is not about me.”

God is so good that He does not leave the full scope of my children’s well-being in my hands. He’s God, I’m not. God is faithful even in my failures and faithlessness. That doesn’t excuse me and say I don’t even need to try. It just lets me know that when I do fail, it’s ok. He’s still God and my kids are still in His hands. I don’t need to dwell in the guilt over all my failures. At the end of the day all my failures and weaknesses aren’t to be the focus.

My focus is not to be on me but on Him.

Many Churches will be celebrating Communion this coming Sunday and often as Christians we feel like we have no business being here and drinking from the Lord’s table because… talk about guilt! We have failed and we are not perfect. We love Jesus and we want to do well but the truth is we can feel so much guilt and shame in our walk with the Lord.

But the truth is, it’s not about you either.

You come to the Lord’s table because of the faithfulness of the Son.
You stand righteous before your Father in heaven because of the faithfulness of the Son.
You stand whole, pure, washed clean, a new creation this morning because of the faithfulness of the Son.

All your struggles, all your imperfections, all your fears and failures are not important here. Jesus is who is important here, and you, believer, stand whole and justified because of the faithfulness of Him

Believer, may you come to the table of the Lord with joy and gladness, with freedom and without fear, guilt or shame. It’s not about you. You come to the table of the Lord because of the faithfulness of Jesus. And He was faithful, is faithful, and will be faithful to the end. Therefore, you need not be afraid or dwell in your guilt any longer. God is God and it’s all about Him.