Have you ever experienced something absolutely amazing and couldn’t wait to tell someone?

It touched you deeply. Whether it was a beautiful view, or a great movie, a good book, or even a sermon that just moved you, one of the first things you want to do is share it with someone, right?

You want to describe it, almost relive that moment and that feeling.

But then it’s easy to get frustrated because the other person just doesn’t feel the same way you do. They say “that’s nice” instead of “that sounds amazing!” And words don’t do it justice. It’s that ‘you just needed to be there!’ moment. Try as you might you can’t perfectly describe what you saw, how you felt, what it said to you, what happened at that moment.

Words fall short. And it can be incredibly frustrating.

Well, imagine the most deeply moving experience that just carries you away soul and body. But this time you’re not alone. You are there with others who feel the exact same way you do. You have someone to talk about this experience with, and even better, they understand perfectly. And, this time your words are perfect.

They don’t fall flat. Your words completely embody the moment and even in a sense come alive as you talk about and glory in that experience. Your words perfectly capture the experience. It is enjoyable to discuss and describe this amazing moment.

Do you see the picture? Do you kind of get it?

Wouldn’t that feel absolutely complete and perfect?
Would you be bored?

I doubt it. I bet you would be thrilled and satisfied to the very core of your being. It might feel like ‘all of life is consummated in this one perfect moment so it can just last forever!’

That my friends, is what one moment in eternity will be like.

Often when we picture life after death we get a little worried because we tend to view it as one big church service. Oh yeah, forever, hymns, singing, sermons, sitting… oh how nice.

Our church services are nothing like eternity.

At it’s best, when everything in the service is dedicated to the glory of God, AND when God’s presence is felt so powerfully, AND when your heart and soul are in tune, AND God is speaking to you, AND you are over whelmed with love and desire for God – that’s like maybe half a percent of what eternity will be like.

This doesn’t even come close! I don’t know if we can even call this practice for eternity because it falls so short of how wonderful that will be!

Believer, may we have a correct view of eternity. May we be filled with awe and excitement as we think about the life to come because true excitement is contagious. And may we light a community on fire as we get one step closer to being in the very presence of God.