Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about stressed out and struggling people. Whether it’s the spouse, the job, or finances, in-laws, friendships…. The list could go on and on. Apparently we have a lot of reasons to complain.

After all, we are tired and we are struggling!

What’s a person to do!

How about taking some time to tell God – thank You.

Really, I’m serious.

A Complainingly Thankful Prayer
What would happen if, when we wanted to open our mouths to complain the first things that came out were “thank You, Lord, for these lips that allow me to complain. And thank You, Lord, for this mind that works in an orderly fashion so I can know what needs to be complained about. Also, Lord, I’d like to thank You for this moment of reprieve which I can use to complain. Oh, and thank You, Lord, that You, the Sovereign of the Universe are actually taking the time to listen to me complain. Thank You, Lord, that You are so incredibly gracious that even as I stand here free, healthy, redeemed, fully-fed, clothed, well-rested (sometimes), showered, teeth are brushed, I have indoor plumbing, my water is clean and sanitary so I can drink it, I am warm and comfortable – as I stand here with ALL these blessings I would like to now take a moment to complain about… Hmmmmmm… I can’t remember what. And it doesn’t seem so bad now anyways!”

I wonder how many stresses and struggles would diminish in size and importance. Or at the very least, if our attitudes would be carried above them.

Maybe the issue isn’t with our lives,

but with us.

How much time do you spend complaining to God and others? How much time do you spend telling God thank You for…

Try it. You might be amazed. Disclaimer: your spouse may not change. Your job may not change. Your in-laws may not change. You children may not even change.

Whatever current situation you are in may not change at all.

But I can almost guarantee that YOU will be change. And maybe that’s what this is all about.