Isn’t it nice to know nothing can come between us and God’s love?

Not Even You
The Bible states that nothing in creation can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. Do you realize this means you? Even your screw ups and your failures and your faithlessness cannot separate you completely from God. If there is nothing else in your life you can hold on to, you can hold on to this.

You are loved by an amazing God who has chosen to die rather than live without you.

Why Jesus Came
Do you realize that 2000 years ago the Son of God Himself came down to earth, rending the heavens, fighting once again on behalf of His people and His promises? Showing in the most awful display possible that nothing was going to come between Him and His beloved.

The very powers of hell itself must stand down when our God stands up on behalf of those He loves!

God Is Bigger
You cannot go too far.
You cannot get too low.
You cannot reach too high.
You are His beloved and He has covenanted Himself to you. He has to see you through to the end. You will persevere because your God has put Himself on the line for you. It is His Name that is at stake not your’s. And He is a faithful God; He cannot be anything else.

The Prayer
May you rest in the love of the One who saved you, believer. May you be humble enough to admit your sins but humble enough also to admit you are not the worst sinner this universe has ever seen. You are not too far for God to save. It’s not about you or your sins. It’s all about God, and the gracious loving heavenly Father who has run with open arms to welcome His prodigal sons and daughters home.