Recently, I have been reminded of the amazing truth that God thinks I’m valuable.

From Genesis 2 and on throughout the rest of Scripture God is constantly desiring to come down and dwell among His creation. He didn’t create the world because He was bored or because He needed something to do, someone to control, or a business to run.

God created the world simply out of desire to create one.

He places Adam in the garden and creates Eve. Then, this amazing infinite awe-inspiring God comes down to walk among the garden with them. He enjoys their company! He delights in being with them! He gives them value and worth. They are important to Him. Important enough that when they screw up majorly and disobey Him, God doesn’t destroy them. He doesn’t turn His back on them say, “Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.” Instead, God continues the relationship.

In fact, He comes back to fix it. He takes the responsibility on Himself to make right what they made wrong.

Think of two pieces of paper. One is just a scrap of paper, worthless and easy to throw away or lose. The other is a $100 bill. Both are simply pieces of paper but one is of great value because we have called it valuable. I would not easily part with the $100; I would not easily lose it, place it somewhere or just forget about it. Instead, I would make sure I know exactly where it is at all times and probably put it in the bank or another safe location to make sure I didn’t lose it. But it’s just a piece of paper, like the scrap paper. In another country it would be viewed as scrap paper and worthless. The difference is – I have called this paper valuable and put worth into it. Therefore, it is valuable and it has worth.

It’s a very important piece of paper because we call it so.

The same is true of each and every one of you. Not one person reading this blog is an accident. Every single one of you was intimately and personally designed by an amazing God who calls you valuable and worthwhile. He sees you as important. Your joys, your sorrows, your fears, your concerns – they all matter to Him because you matter to Him.

Far more than you could ever know.

Rejoice, oh believer, in your God. He delights in you! He rejoices over you with singing. He has called you His own and has made you valuable and worthwhile. Too valuable to lose, too valuable to just walk away from. God loves you. As the song says, “Jesus loves me this I know”… So simple and yet so amazing. May you never forget this awesome truth.

God, your Father in Heaven, deeply loves you.