When you really stop to think about it, there are a lot of crazy things with being a Christian. I can appreciate why those outside the Church think we’re “foolish” or “ignorant” sometimes.

Being a Christian means fully acknowledging our God can do anything, while admitting that often it feels like He’s choosing to do nothing

Being a Christian means living as if the Kingdom of God filled the earth here and now, even though it doesn’t yet

Being a Christian means turning the other cheek and forgiving your enemy, even though everything within you is crying out for revenge

Being a Christian means loving the unlovable and giving mercy to those who least deserve it

Being a Christian means acknowledging we serve a God who is just, perfect, holy, sinless and totally unlike us, yet also acknowledging that He loves us anyway

Being a Christian means worshiping a God you can’t see and giving all you are to something you can’t put in a bank account

Being a Christian means sometimes standing alone because no one else will stand with you, while at the same time belonging to the biggest family on the planet

Being a Christian means seeing victory in death, strength in weakness, and beauty in ashes

Being a Christian means serving a God who died and a Savior who didn’t even save Himself

Being a Christian means losing your life to find it and giving your life away to save it

Being a Christian means praying as if God can do anything and still trusting this God even when He chooses not to

Being a Christian means loving a God you can’t see more than your spouse and children that you can

Be encouraged, believer, we serve a God who’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts and who’s ways are higher than our’s. If everything  made complete sense to us, why would we need God? We don’t understand it all but we don’t have to understand. We are called to trust and know that God understands it all and He is in complete control and we will stand on that.

Our God is good and our God is God. We aren’t.