I don’t know what your weeks are like, but right now mine are incredibly slow and incredibly fast at the same time. I feel like each Saturday night I stop and go “oh yeah, that’s right, there is a God who’s in control, and I’m not.”

Sunday mornings have become a breath of fresh air as they remind me over and over again there is a God. And not just any god, this is a God who sees, a God who knows, a God who is in control.
A God who has a plan, and is aware of all things.
A faithful good and loving God who’s grace is beyond what I can even imagine.  

A God who’s Name is above every name.
A God who holds the universe in the palm of His hand.
A God who’s Word lasts forever.
A God who death could not hold and satan cannot defeat.
A God who one day will vindicate His people and His Covenant.

A God who has given us this amazing book that we could study for all eternity and never come to the end of it.
A God who fills every page and has His name written in every verse.
A God who is faithful, even when His people are faithless.
A God you can trust even when He doesn’t seem to make sense.
A God you can worship, even when it’s coming from a broken heart.

A God who calls,
A God who equips,
A God who heals,
A God who hears,
A God who loves,
A God who saves,
A God who moves,
A God who remembers,
A God who understands,
A God who is just,
A God who cares,
A God who dwells among the praises of His people.

Believer, may you get a glimpse of your God this day. The One true and only God. The God who knows the end from the beginning. The God who declares and it comes to pass. The God who’s very breath brings life and who’s Word lasts forever. Who in the midst of His crazy busy week, still sees and cares for you.