During this past summer, I was outside watching my kids play out in the yard, and I told one of them not to do something. Well, go figure, the child went and disobeyed me and did the action again. So the Child was disciplined. After the discipline I told the Child, ‘Ok go and play.’

But the Child didn’t.

Instead this Child sat, moped, and watched the siblings play.

(imagine a really big sigh from the mom)

“What’s wrong?

“I’m embarrassed because I did it, and I got in trouble.”

I looked this Child in the eyes and said “Guess what, it’s done. You did it, you were disciplined, and now it’s over. I’ve forgiven you. There’s nothing between us, you need to let it go. I’m fine with you. I love you. I forgive you. Go play.”

And the child did.

Then the thought struck me, I wonder how often the Holy Spirit wants to grab me and say that to me. Sometimes I sit and wallow in my sin and shame. ‘Oh look at all the horrible things I’ve done, how can God ever forgive me? Look at the terrible person I was. Look at all the times I’ve failed….’

It is good to acknowledge sin and repent. But don’t wallow in it.

Don’t live in the failure.

I think in those moments when we’re wallowing God wants to grab us and say “Come here, Child, look into My eyes. I’ve forgiven you. I’m not holding that against you. There’s nothing between us! It’s been forgiven. Let it go. Get up and live.”

I don’t know what kind of a week you’ve had so far. It may have been an amazing week where obedience was easy and you felt God’s presence every single day. Or, maybe your week was rough and you failed a lot. Maybe you felt like every time you turned around you lost your temper or opened your mouth and said things you shouldn’t have.

I don’t know what your week was like.

I do know, if you repented you have been forgiven.

Believer, may you realize you stand here forgiven, cleansed, able to enter the presence of an amazing and holy God who has forgiven you, who loves you and longs to be with you. May you hear His voice whisper even now, “It’s been forgiven, let it go.” And may you get up, and worship your God.