I once heard of a wife who was going through a battle with breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy.

Understandably, she was terrified of what her husband would think. She was so afraid as together they unwrapped her bandages and it was everything she had feared. Scarred, bruised, ugly looking and she began to cry.

Her husband quietly responded, “I still love you.”

She couldn’t believe he would say that, “why?”

His response “because that’s just who I am. I’m your husband and I love you.”

How often do we as believers make this same mistake?

We see our scars, our bruises from all of our failures and mistakes. There are times when I think parenting is designed to remind you of how imperfect you are and how often you can screw up.

Life is incredibly hard and all of us have battle wounds.
Things we are not proud of.
Choices we made that we’d love to do over if we could.
Regrets that go sky high.
Wounds that go deep and scars that on some of us are huge.

There are days when we feel ugly and honestly don’t even want to be noticed by God. And we are terrified of the day we will stand in His presence and have to see God face to face.

Believer, do you ever stop long enough to hear your Father say to you “I love you.”

And when you ask Him why His response sometimes will be “because that just who I AM. I am your God and I love you. Ugly, wounds, scars and all. I love you.”

For those who are in Jesus the Messiah not only is there is now no condemnation, but there is instead love, grace, peace, forgiveness, and acceptance.

God loves youevery single part of you.

Believer, may you be reminded of the amazing truth that you are loved by an incredible God. He knows everything about you, He sees every part of you – even the part you try to hide, and He loves you, deeply, desperately, amazingly, and unconditionally.