One Friday night last fall my poor husband walked through the door and I lost it at him.

I told him I was done and I wanted to leave now. No, not forever, I just needed a break.

In my defense, I had just spent the day with 5 kids, trying to homeschool 3 of them, while realizing 2 of them were getting sick (fevers and headaches, nothing serious). But one of the sick ones was my 3 year old who just wanted to be held all day, which then made my 1 year old very jealous and possessive.

And on top of all that, we had a meeting to go to on Friday night where there was going to be yummy food and adult conversation. But I was no longer able to go because now, I needed to be home for the two sick kids and might as well keep the baby.

And for about thirty minutes before he walked in the door, I sat on the couch with two sobbing kids. One because she didn’t feel good and the other one because I was holding the sick sibling.

Ain’t life grand sometimes.

So, that’s why I lost it at my husband and yes, he was very gracious, and yes, I calmed down and apologized to him later on in the evening.

Sometimes the difficult things in life aren’t big things. Sometimes the harder things in life are simply “life” issues.
A minor sickness that just hits at the wrong moment.
A job that’s just slightly frustrating all the time.
A relationship that’s struggling.
A bill that needs to be paid.

These minor irritations that aren’t enough to destroy your faith, just enough to keep you frustrated and irritated and ready to snap at somebody, anybody.

Isn’t it good to be reminded that God’s grace covers even the little things in life. God’s forgiveness covers not just to the big failures but even the little ones that we do every single day.

I recently heard a song that talked about when God speaks 100 billion failures disappear. I don’t know about you, but that sounds amazing.

Be encouraged, Believer, right now God may not be asking you to walk through fire. He may simply be asking you to walk through the everyday trials of a life lived faithful to His Name. A life that still needs His grace, mercy, and forgiveness every single day over the big and little things. And praise His Name – His mercies are new every morning.