One morning I was reading the Bible to my 6 year old. It was a very exciting part. We were reading about Pharaoh and God battling it out over who would be Master of the Israelites. (disclaimer, I absolutely LOVE that story. It’s got to be one of my favorites. I can get really excited about it)

We read how God hit Pharaoh with plague after plague until finally Pharaoh fell to his knees a broken man and cried out “enough! You’ve won, You are more powerful than I am – You are God. Enough.”

And it was totally the Holy Spirit – I am honestly not that quick at thinking on my toes – but I looked at my daughter and said “you know, God did battle for Israel because He loves them and He wants a relationship with them. But Pharaoh got in the way and tried to stop God from being with His people. So, God went to battle for Israel. Guess what, Ali, God went to battle for you on the cross. Only this time the bad guys were sin and death. Sin and death try to stop God from being with you. So because God loves you He did battle for you.”

I think her response was “hmmm” and a smile. Not exactly the heartfelt-life-changing-moment I’d love to say it was. But at least I said it.

And if it’s true for her, and it is, then it’s also true for you.

Have you ever thought about that?

God did battle for you.

The Creator of the Universe fought against the enemy of your soul.

Only this time it wasn’t a mere man who cried out enough.

The very foundations of hell shook.
Satan himself cowered in fear.
It is amazing the universe itself wasn’t ripped apart as its Creator did battle because He loves you.

And praise the Lord He won!

Believer, as you think of the Cross may you be reminded of the amazing love your God has for you. But may you also remember the Cross is just part of the story. There’s an empty tomb on the other side proclaiming a future and a hope for those who are called to God’s purpose.