Twice in the book of Revelation it is acknowledged that one day the biggest multicultural choir there ever will be will perform.

Standing before the throne of God,
with the brilliance of the heavenly stars for a light,
and the universe as the backdrop,
this choir will stand and sing.
They will sing the song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb.

And it will be amazing.

Though physically looking different, for some will be tall and other’s short. Some will be dark and other’s pale white. There will be long hair and short, big and little, old and young. Yet they will raise their voices as one and their hearts will beat in time to the music as they lift up the Lamb who was slain and raised again.

The music will surpass anything Beethoven or Mozart could have ever dreamed. The melody will be triumph and joy itself. The musicians will play peace and contentment, and the harmonies will thrill the soul. The music will swell, overwhelming the singers. It will take on a life of its own as it surrounds the throne and causes the One who sits on that throne to smile.

Every tongue will be heard.
Every race will be present.
Every culture represented as this symphony of color and sound fills the throne room of heaven and bursts out into space flowing from one end of the universe to the other. The stars and planets will join in as the mountains on earth begin to bow and the very gates of hell begin to shake.

For an eternity and more the choir will sing, and it will be incredible.

But as amazing as all that will be, it still will not compare to the God before whom that choir sings.

They will still not come close to acknowledging how amazing and how awesome their God is.

Because He is God.

Believer, as you live in preparation for The Day that is coming, the day that you will finally join in with that huge mass of humanity that is assembling in eternity, may you still be reminded that this is always and only for God.

I’m going on vacation with the family for a couple of weeks so see you all when we get back…