When you think of salvation, what do you think?

Probably the cross, Jesus, sins, darkness, sacrifices…

Well, this morning I’d like to give you another picture to add to your repertoire.

Salvation is so deep, so big and so amazing that the Bible actually gives numerous pictures to help explain this incredible act of God.

Imagine a person hopelessly enslaved to the cruelest of task masters. Belonging only for the masters horrible enjoyment, which is of the most debase kind. A kingdom of darkness, where sin and death lead the charge and hold that person enslaved. And that slave is unable to free himself. Or remove either master. At this point the slave doesn’t have to follow them with every single decision, but eventually they will have their way and the slave will belong fully to them.

It’s only a matter of time.

But then, in amazing love and compassion the God who made everyone remembers His creation. He hears the groaning and cries of the enslaved. He sees the toil and knows the slave’s pain. His heart breaks. And finally He cries out “Enough!” and He decides to act.

It will bring Him great glory to be sure. The whole of the universe watches in breathless anticipation – what is this amazing God about to do?! The King of kings, the Creator of light and life, the great I AM, the One who is unique and separate, who holds nations in His palm reaches down into that kingdom of darkness, breaks the chains of sin and death that bind that slave and He pulls that slave into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son, the Kingdom of God.

The Universe explodes in applause! A new creation has been born!

A slave no longer to sin and death!
A slave no longer bound by chains but wrapped in the chords of love.
A slave to the One true God.

You are free!
Free to obey this amazing God who reached down and saved you.
Free to know and be known
Free to love and be loved
Free to worship and free to serve
No longer bound by sin
No longer living in fear of death

You are free, free to serve the King who made you.

This is partly what salvation means.

This is partly what you have to share with the world that is still enslaved, still in bondage, still groaning under it’s own weight and guilt.

You are free. You are loved. You have been saved by God.
May you never forget it.