Being a parent is the hardest thing I have ever done.

I have been incredibly blessed and I am so thankful but it is hard. And part of what makes it hard, is that kids don’t understand or appreciate all that goes into raising them.

I didn’t when it was my parents raising me and my kids are no different. It is a constant sacrificial perseverance.

And it’s a blessing but it’s not easy.

I was struggling with the sacrifice recently and knowing my kids will never understand the sacrifices we have made for them. But it finally hit me, they don’t need to understand the sacrifice.

When my kids are older I don’t need them to look back and go, ‘oh that’s what it was like for our mom, that’s how hard it was.’ I want them to look back and remember, ‘our mom loved us,’ and, ‘our mom cared for us.’

I don’t need my children to understand my sacrifices, but I want them to know I sacrificed because I love them. I  want my children to understand I care.

We cannot even begin to comprehend the sacrifice Jesus made by simply leaving heaven and coming to walk among us.
God in the flesh,
God with us!

Did Jesus yearn for heaven? Did He miss it? Was He sad to leave His Father’s side? Was it hard for Him to be here? Maybe, I don’t know. But I do know it was still a sacrifice for Him to come and be here. A sacrifice I will never understand or fully appreciate.

But, you know what I can get it from it, Jesus cares. God the Father loves us.

Is it wrong to try and appreciate the sacrifices Jesus made or understand them better? By no means. Wrestle with it, dig in deep and think about these things. But at the end of the day when you still can’t completely wrap your mind around God in the flesh, remember one thing.

Jesus came because He cares, because He loves you.

Believer, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this crazy time of year, may you still take time to stop and remember. Jesus came, God in the flesh walked among His people. He sacrificed for us because He cares for you. He loves you so heaven came to earth, the Kingdom of light broke forth, and set us free.

God cares for you. Remember that.