I recently read this quote “in every situation God is doing 1000 more things than you can even begin to imagine or realize.”

It’s good to be reminded of that because there are moments when I feel like God is doing absolutely nothing either in my life or in this country.

When hearing the news, following politics, or even just scrolling through facebook, it can be incredibly discouraging and frustrating. Sometimes you can wonder, when is God going to come and make things right? When is the Judge going to rise up and declare, “Enough! Justice will be served.”

During a history lesson with my children, I recently learned that there was a massive revival in the US before the Civil War.

Did you know that?

Prayer meetings were flooded with businessmen who actually stopped work and invited customers to come pray with them during the lunch hour. Police stations and fire departments opened their doors to people wanting to pray because the churches no longer had enough room. And within five to ten years of those meetings, many of those men in the prayer meetings ended up meeting their God face to face from the battlefield.

Only now because of the grace of God, these men were prepared.

“In each and every situation God is doing far more than we can even comprehend or imagine.”

Those men in the prayer meetings had no clue that in a few short years their homes, their families, their country was going to be torn apart by war, and they would need God’s grace and strength more than ever. All they knew was that they needed and wanted to go to these prayer meetings. God alone knew for what He was preparing those people.

God alone knows what He is doing in the life of each and every person who is reading this. But I can promise you this, He is doing something.

None of us have been forgotten or are being ignored.
None of us have slipped between His fingers or been placed in the background of God’s heart or mind.
He sees you.
He knows you.
He knows what you’re going through.
He hears your cries and your prayers.
He sees you.
He hears you.
He loves you.
God is doing something. And one day you’ll look back and declare “it is good” because God is good.

Believer, may you behold your God this day. He is seated on His throne. Nothing can compare to Him. He is a holy holy holy God. And He is so good.