Sharing God’s Word with others can be difficult, especially when we are all so imperfect. As for me, I struggle with my temper, with my patience, with not getting irritated and blowing up at those I love.

If pride goes before a fall then I want to stay far away from pride because I fall enough on my own without help. So I will just acknowledge up front, I am very very very far from perfection.

I sin, I struggle.

I have many issues that are easy to hide when I get to write a few thoughts down and try to encourage believers. I am blessed to do it, and I am thankful for this opportunity. But never once have I been able to speak into anyone’s life because I deserve to do so.

It is always and only the grace of God.

As the old hymn says “Lord, I need You, every hour I need You.”

So, believe me when I say – if God can use me, then He can use you.

I don’t know what gifts God has given to you, but I know you have them.
I don’t know what people God has put in your life to whom you can speak truth, but I know you have people.
I don’t know what truth God is teaching you that someone else needs to hear or learn, but I know you’re learning something. 

You may never get the chance to stand before a congregation and share God’s Word with 100 people at one time. But can you share God’s Word with 100 people as you go throughout your month or even your week? Can you speak truth over 100 people at your work, or even 100 times while at home?

Your audience may be bigger than you can even imagine but it might consist of a single person at a time.

Believer, each and every one of us has been gifted by an amazing God to share His Word with the world around you. There is no limit to whom you can talk. Go out and share the Word of God this week.