Where are the people who once again believe freedom is worth something?

We are truly living in unprecedented times. More people than ever are able to simply enjoy life. Vacations, houses, education, food, clean drinking water, plumbing, and mass communication. This world has never seen such wealth shared among so many. Never before in history have so many enjoyed so much.

And it is in danger of being lost.

Normally I try very hard not to get involved in political discussions. I want my blog, my life to be focused on the person of Jesus the Messiah. I am a believer. I don’t want anything to come before that message.

So I will say it – we can agree to disagree on so much and still be friends, fellow believers, but we cannot disagree on Jesus. Feel free to disagree with everything else I’m about to write in my post. And when this is all done I’d still love to talk and say hi. We can still be friends.

But I cannot stay silent.

Suicide is on the rise
Petty crime is on the rise (at least in some areas)
Abuse is on the rise (women and children)*
Unemployment is up (Michigan has the highest unemployment rate now in the US, in fact for Mi it may get higher than it was during the Great Depression)
Businesses are closing, people are losing jobs, bills are piling up
We are looking at the potential for another strong economic depression
Many children are not getting a good education if they’re getting one at all

(This is no slight to the parents who are doing their best to provide a home education. I am on my 7th year of homeschooling. It is something I chose to do, something I am thankful to do. I chose the curriculum, and I love learning with my kids. But it is still hard! Thousands upon thousands of parents out there are teaching a curriculum they didn’t chose and don’t know, to kids they didn’t ask to keep home. And most are teaching more than one child. Homeschooling is hard enough. I admire and want to encourage those parents who are doing their best to keep their children learning. All the while wondering how they’re going to pay their mortgage next month. I’m just acknowledging it’s not the best solution. And truthfully some kids aren’t able to learn at home at all.)

I’ve heard recently of churches that may not open again till the fall (which makes me wonder if they’ll open again at all).
Of colleges that may consider only online courses next semester.
Parents wondering if they’ll feel comfortable sending their children back to school even IF it opens again.
Illinois extended their lockdown till May 30th. Michigan till May 15th for now.
There are hotlines you can call if you see someone breaking the rules, and yes, people are using them. Neighbors are losing trust in each other.
Parks are silent. Streets are empty, and social media is exploding.
But church buildings are quiet.

And we are doing this because we’re afraid. Afraid that Coronavirus is scary, is dangerous, and is deadly. After all, that’s what we’ve been told over and over again.

But what if it isn’t? … Or maybe it is. Maybe this is everything and more that the news is making it out to be. Is the trade off worth it?

What are we so afraid of anyway?

Living life is a risk.

Every single time you get out of bed you are taking a risk.
– Someone you love could die today
– Someone you love may get hurt today
– Someone you love may get lost today
– Someone you love may decide not to love you back
– You could die today
– You might get hurt today
– You might get lost today
– You might realize you do not love someone today

Somewhere along the way, we forgot the truth that everyone dies. And many seem to die before their time even under normal circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate death. I absolutely despise death. I have stood next to a coffin with my heart aching and my eyes weeping. I have watched as a piece of my heart was buried in a hole in the ground. I have seen my children cry, and my husband hurt. I hate death.

But I refuse to live in fear of it. I refuse to let me children grow up in fear of it. Freedom is too precious to be treated so lightly.

Especially over the last two hundred years, millions of men and women around the globe decided freedom was precious. It was something worth dying for. Something worth fighting for. Freedom was something not to be taken lightly, nor given up so easily.

How did we get here?

I want my children to know what it is to go to birthday parties again. I want my children to feel the thrill of hearing a live orchestra play. I want my children to be able to play with their friends and see their cousins in person. I want my children to be able to go to Sunday School without fear. I want my children to be free. Free to make their own decisions about life without wondering what the government thinks.

How are we making sure we don’t lose the freedoms we once enjoyed? How are we making sure this doesn’t happen again? How are making sure this doesn’t stay this way forever?

I understand, many are very scared. I get it. But I believe there is a greater danger out there than Corona.

Therefore, if, for any reason, you are afraid or if you are immune-compromised, you have the freedom to wear your mask, to stay home, and be protected.
I will not judge you or despise you.
I will not mock you.
I will not think little of you.
I respect your decision and the freedom you have to make that choice.

Please allow and respect the freedom that I have to make mine. Even if it’s different than your’s.