If I was to ask who you “who or what is the problem with America today?” I’m guessing we would all have similar responses.

We might name a specific person, a specific group, or even a specific action.

But how many of us would say “Me. I’m the problem with America today.”?

I was venting to my husband awhile ago about all the issues in our country and what different people are saying about who or what’s to blame. And in the middle of my rant, Bryan cut me off and said “you, Erika, you’re the problem in America today. Because you are an imperfect human being just like everyone else.”


It doesn’t take long on Social Media before you see people calling each other out. Liberals blame conservatives, and then get blamed right back. Republicans blame Democrats who turn around and blame the Republicans. This group blames that group, and this person says it’s that person’s fault.

And all too often Believers are right in the middle of it. We call names, throw charges, declare people guilty, acting as if we have the right to be judge and jury over every single person who dares to think differently than us. Or that we don’t like.

Trust me, I am very aware that there are groups out there who are causing major trouble in America today. There are men and women who’s sole desire is to destroy the country in which we live. But they’re not the “only problem” and maybe not even the main problem.

The main problem in America is that she is full of imperfect human beings of every color and every race.

We are all imperfect.
We all make mistakes.
We can all be hypocrites.
We are all biased.
None of us sees the whole picture or understands everything.
None of us knows it all.

There are things you understand and see that I miss. But there are things I understand and see that you might be missing. That’s why we need each other. That’s why we need to talk and to listen to each other. That’s why we need to be willing to admit our own mistakes and failures instead of pointing out everyone else’s.

If there’s one thing I am learning from these last few months on social media it’s how hypocritical I can be. I stay quiet and let others fight the battle until the situation affects me directly. Then I open my mouth and say things I know might get me disliked. When it’s your freedom and your life, I may or may not get upset. But when it’s my life, my child, my freedom, stand clear.

What if we posted less on what we thought others were doing wrong, and instead, admitted our own mistakes, our own failures? What if we told our own stories and how we had grown and learn?

A little humility can go a long way.

The Bible says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom 3:23). Jesus said to pull the “plank” out of your eye so you can better see the “speck” in your brother’s eye. (Mt 7:4) According to Jesus who has the bigger issue you or your brother?

In other words, who has the plank and who has the speck?

Believe me, I get it. It is way easier to see the problem as being out there and someone else’s fault. Then I’m blameless and there’s nothing I have to do, and nothing I can change. But if I’m part of the problem then I’m responsible to fix at least some of it. I have a job to do and mistakes to admit to.

And that’s hard to acknowledge.

But if we truly want to fix our country, it needs to start with us, with our own hearts. I am part of what’s wrong with America because I am an imperfect person. I love Jesus and want to obey Him, but I screw up. I fail. I sin. I make mistakes. I rarely see the full story or the other side.

And so do you.

What’s wrong with America today? Me. I’m part of the problem. I know that now.

Thankfully, I also know the solution. And His Name is Jesus.