In this episode, Veronica and Erika examine the idioms and exaggerations that are used in Scripture. Every culture has their own sayings, therefore so does first century Israel.  Just like you might be confused when visiting that new culture and hearing those expressions, we can walk away from Scripture missing the meaning or being confused if we don’t recognize what is going on.  

How does Proverbs 22:9 relate to Matthew 6:22-23 and what is the good eye and the bad eye? What does Jesus mean when He says abolish and fulfill the Torah in Matthew 5:17-19?  Then in Matthew 5:29-30 did Jesus mean to encourage His followers to cut off their hands or pluck out their eyes? What does it mean to hate your family according to Luke 14:26? We will examine each of those questions in this podcast.  

We specifically referenced Dwight a Pryor and his “Behold the Man: Discovering Our Hebrew Lord, the Historical Jesus of Nazareth.” You can find that study here

We also used Lois Tverberg, First Fruits of Zion, and Brad Young in our studies.