Veronica and Erika continue the discussion of the remaining 10 Commandments in this episode.  They expand all of these commands while showing how a society that fulfill each of these commands would lead to a redeemed world.

Questions to consider:

What does honoring your parents look like to you?

Did you think of something else that you shouldn’t steal that Veronica and Erika didn’t  list?

How would society look if we obeyed at least two of these commands?

Which one of these commands produced a bigger discussion among your friends or family?

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In order to prepare for this study we used the following books or articles:
Exploring Exodus by Nahum Saran
Exodus: God, Slavery, and Freedom by Dennis Prager
The JPS Commentary on Exodus by The Jewish Publication Society
Messiah – Issue 24
Exodus: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible by Thomas Joseph White, OP
Exodus: A Mentor Commentary by John L. Mackay
Shadows of the Messiah by First Fruits of Zion, book 2
Miqra Journal – Winter 2003

Music: Tabuk by Kevin MacLeodLink: