Veronica and Erika examine God’s response to the people sin with the golden calf.  They talk about the significance of God’s word choice as well as Moses’s shrewd and bold conversation with God.  Then they look at Moses’s word choice when he asks the people to help deal with the sin of the golden calf.

Questions to Consider:
What was the significance of God’s word choice?

How have you seen Moses’ relationship with God change since the burning bush?

Why was it important for God to deal quickly and decisively with the sin of the golden calf?

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In order to prepare for this study we used the following books or articles:
Exploring Exodus by Nahum Saran
Exodus: God, Slavery, and Freedom by Dennis Prager
The JPS Commentary on Exodus by The Jewish Publication Society
Messiah – Issue 24
Exodus: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible by Thomas Joseph White, OP
Exodus: A Mentor Commentary by John L. Mackay
Shadows of the Messiah by First Fruits of Zion, book 2
Miqra Journal – Winter 2003

Music: Tabuk by Kevin MacLeodLink: