First, I sincerely appreciate your concern to protect women and help children. And I agree with you 100%, those things are extremely important.

But I think we are looking at the problem differently, and therefore, coming to different conclusions. 

Here’s what I’m hearing:
We have children no one wants- abort them.
We have children born with defects that parents aren’t prepared to deal with- abort them.
We have girls not ready to have kids getting pregnant – let them abort.
We have too many kids being raised in single parent homes struggling to get enough food to eat as it is – we need to allow these moms to abort.
There is rape, incest, and drunken mistakes- they all should be able to abort what they didn’t choose.

From this perspective, the compassionate thing is to push abortion. But what if switch the problem?

In each of these cases the baby is looked at as the problem. But what if the problem isn’t the baby, but a broken sinful world that desperately needs help?

What if we started looking at sin that leads to death as the issue, and often (but not always) a baby is the consequence. What other answers could we come up with?


What if we start to teach saving sex till marriage again? How many unwanted pregnancies wouldn’t even occur? Not to mention a TON of other negative consequences that can be avoided. Not feasible you say? It totally is. It’s not easy, I’ll agree with you there. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Teach the beauty of sex in marriage, the amazing gift of sex only between a husband and wife for a lifetime and watch what happens.

Encourage the building up of families and prioritize how to have healthy and good marriages that last. God already provided an answer for raising babies. He knows it’s not easy. He knows it takes two to make it work the best… So keep it two. Fight for marriage just as hard as you’re fighting for this and see how many unwanted pregnancies disappear. Watch how many more kids go to bed with full bellies and make better choices themselves.

Start teaching about the blessing of kids. Children are a blessing from the Lord. (Psalm 127) And there’s no caveat to that statement. It’s not “children you choose to have,” or “children you wanted to have,” or “children you’re excited to have…” It simply reads “children” as in “all children.”

And yes, Church, we need to put our money where our mouth is and start supporting families and encouraging obedience. Parents are struggling in their marriage, take their kids one night every week so they can have a date night or get counseling. Give scholarships to marriage seminars for couples that can’t afford it. Start acknowledging the beauty of God’s design for life and marriage from the pulpit. Provide relief for families who have children with special needs and fully embrace that this child too is a gift from God for your community. We should be the most welcoming place for children and families.

Teach and live morality again. Teach boys how to become men and how real men defend women and children. Train girls in what it really means to be a woman and how to better protect yourself.

Will these things stop all the unwanted pregnancies? No. I’m not that naive. But you might be surprised at the dent they make. I know there is a lot of real pain and heartache out there. Yes, there is a lot of unwanted pregnancies and struggling families. But the answer is never abortion.

If we give the exact same answer as the world, then what good are we? And why are we even here? We are called to be salt, to be different. We are called to a higher standard. We are called to show the world what’s possible when we choose to obey. What amazing freedom and life is to be found in living life God’s way. 

Healthy families, healthy marriages, a mom and a dad together raising kids… That’s God’s design and when we walk away from that- we do so at our peril. And now we’re suffering the consequences. 

The answer to sin is not abortion. The answer to sin is “repent, the Kingdom of heaven is near.”