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I’d love to come and encourage your group with a message from God’s Word. The Rabbis have a saying “God does not waste ink” and I have found this to be so true! The more I study the Bible the more amazed I am at the God I discover in its pages. This truly is a unique book crafted by a remarkable God!


I was blessed to grow up in a strong christian family and started my relationship with Jesus at the tender age of four. My mom will tell you I was a changed girl after that—much to her surprise and relief. At the age of thirteen I dedicated my life to ministry. Even at that age when I felt God’s call into ministry, I knew speaking would be a part of it. I assumed that meant being a single woman missionary overseas. But God had other plans. Thirty-some years later I am married to an amazing man, the mother of five children, homeschooling all of them, and very active in my church.

Through it all God has continued to give me opportunities that allow my passion and gifts to come together to encourage and edify the church body. Honestly, there’s nothing I enjoy more than opening up the Word of God and being used by God to explain its depth, beauty, and richness.


I received a B.A. in Bible/Theology from Moody Bible Institute and M.A. in Historical Geography and Archaeology from Jerusalem University College.


I have spoken at retreats, taught Bible studies, Sunday school, and conferences. I have spoken before a few and before hundreds. I have been a guest teacher on Revive Our Hearts and the Live Like It’s True Podcast. 

In the fall of 2020 my sister and I started a podcast: The Context and the Color of the Bible. Together we have more than four decades of Bible study under our belts and are thrilled to share what we have learned and are continuing to learn about this amazing Book.