Well, I decided to give you all a break. I thought you might enjoy some pictures instead of a lot of writing. So, here are some of the sites that Bryan and I saw yesterday in Samaria/West Bank.

The first picture is Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim. Mt. Gerizim is on the left. These are the two mountains that the people of Israel were suppose to go and stand on (1/2 on Ebal andf 1/2 on Gerizim) and shout out the curses and the blessings found in Deuteronomy 11 I believe. We stood on Mt. Gerizim and Dr. Wright had people shout out the blessings. It was really neat. We couldn’t get to Mt. Ebal so we didn’t do the curses.

The second picture is of Dr. Wright (on the right) and a Samaritan Priest. There are only two cities of Samaritans in the world, one here and the other near Tel Aviv. There are about 730 Samaritans left in the world. For different reasons they only read the first five books of the Bible. They think the rest is just tradition. They believe the Messiah is coming back to Mt. Gerizim. Basically what the Jewish people believe about Jerusalem they believe about Shechem/Mt. Gerizim. (Shechem was the name of the city below Mt. Gerizim in Bible times. Now there’s a city there called Nablus).

The third picture is where they do their sacrifices for the Passover meal. Each family has a lamb, they kill it, roast it, and eat it quickly.

The fourth picture is of my cute hubby at Shiloh. (Did I make you gag Jenna 🙂 ) Shiloh is where the Tabernacle was for sometime.

The fifth picture is one place where they believe the Tabernacle may have stood at Shiloh (where all the people are standing). Because it was just a tent there’s no way to know for sure.